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Call for Papers: Emerging Gender, Media and Technology Scholarship in Africa

Call for papers: Emerging Gender, Media and Technology Scholarship in Africa

Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology

Issue 15

Special Issue Editors: Audrey Gadzekpo, Paula Gardner, and H. Leslie Steeves

This special issue will address studies of gender as these operate in African environments and cultures of media and technology. We are particularly interested in contributions that address the following:

  • How does power operate through gendered spaces and practices?
  • What kinds of innovative gender practices are created by those working in spaces of technologies and gender?
  • How does gender operate in relation to different types of technologies—from technologies of home and school to technologies of culture that women undertake in social, community, religious and other groups?
  • How can we interrogate practices of masculinity inscribed in media and technology?
  • In what ways is feminism called up, perhaps through other terms in research on gender and power in African spaces? How can we study how gender power operates through technologies in African contexts?
  • How are key issues in the gendered realms of family, health, environmentalism, and education addressed via media and technology?

Targeted manuscript submissions: We seek all submissions that fit this special issue. We will prioritize submissions by junior and senior Africanist scholars based on the African continent.

Writing mentors/editors: We will provide a team of mentors/editors to take papers (if needed) through editing and peer review. These editors will be recruited from the Fembot Collective, FemTechNet (Paula Gardner) and from contacts provided by Audrey Gadzekpo, Leslie Steeves and others.

In keeping with Ada’s multimodality, we encourage the submission of text-based, visual, filmic, and otherwise imagined pieces as part of this issue’s theme of Emerging Gender, Media and Technology Scholarship in Africa.

You can send your proposal as an .odt or .doc document. Please put “Emerging Gender” in the subject line and include the following in the body of your message:

  • Your name and a short biography
  • An abstract of no more than 150 words
  • A list of five keywords/tags
  • Preferred email address and GPG public key (if applicable)
  • Citation style used (if applicable) (please note that any citation style can be used)

Complete submissions should be sent to editor@adanewmedia.org by September 30, 2018. Contributions should be no more than 3,000 words.


About Ada:

Ada is an online, open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal run by feminist media scholars. The journal’s first issue was published online in November 2012. Since that launch, Ada articles have received more than 500,000 page views. Ada operates a review process that combines feminist mentoring with the rigor of peer review.

Ada does not—and will never—charge fees for publishing your materials, and shares those materials using a Creative Commons License.