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Fembot Collective Report: June 2017

The Fembot Collective was founded in 2009 at the University of Oregon. The Collective’s intent was to create an open access, open source publishing platform for feminist research on gender, new media, and technology. It launched its journal, Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology in November 2012. The infrastructure for Fembot and Ada was supported by numerous small grants from the University of Oregon, as well as graduate student funding from the University of Oregon and Bowling Green State University.

Today, the Fembot Collective has grown to include feminist media scholars, artists, producers, writers, and activists from around the world. The Collective currently has 561 members, from 24 countries. Since its launch, Ada has published 80 peer-reviewed articles.

Carol Stabile, the Collective’s managing editor will move to the Women’s Studies Department at the University of Maryland in July 2017, which will provide the Fembot Collective with a new institutional home and additional support.

Top Cited Articles in Ada, July 2015

Top cited articles in Ada, July 2016

Top cited articles in Ada, July 2017

Analytics – Jan 01, 2016 to Jun 15, 2017

Page Views

Total Page Views: 132,472

Monthly Page Views

Issue-Wise Page Views

Article/Authors Page Views
Hoffmann-Bloom 1373
Voorhees 1113
Greene 989
Schwartz 666
Macaulay-Visser 529
*Data from May 01, 2017 (Issue 09 launch date) to June 15, 2017.
Article/Authors Page Views
Miller-Rauch-Kaplan 1867
Hicks 1400
Hobson 1149
Eikren-Ingramwaters 890
Croeser 703
Favara-Kawamura 479
Farvid-Aisher 402
Fischer-Mohrman 388
Cobham 371
*Data from Oct 31, 2017 (Issue 10 launch date) to Jun 15, 2017.
Article/Authors Page Views
Kruger 202
Reagle 191
*Data from May 21, 2017(Issue 11 launch date) to Jun 15, 2017.


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