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The Fembot Toolkit

Over the past few weeks, national attention has been directed to online harassment, stalking, and death threats — actions we recognize as having been part of the online and offline lives of women, people of color, indigenous people, queer people, and their allies for many years.

Fembot is no stranger to online harassment. Our members have written about it on Fembot (Laundry Day: Online Aggression) and in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology (Mia Consalvo: Confronting Toxic Gamer Culture, Lisa Nakamura: Queer Female of Color: The Highest Difficulty Setting There Is, Ada Issue 2: Feminist Game Studies, Darnell Moore and Monica J. Casper: Love in the Time of Racism); experienced it on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, a wide range of online games, on our blogs; and encountered it in our email inboxes.

At Fembot, we’re interested in sharing strategies for resisting or mitigating these attacks in online spaces with our members and supporters. To that end, and for the next few months, Fembot will feature a series of anonymous submissions for a section called “The Fembot ToolKit,” published in our Fembot Labs section. Specifically, we’ll be sharing anonymous advice from members that foregrounds strategies for coping and resistance. Our work with survivors of sexual violence has taught us that it makes a difference for people to know that they are not alone in these experiences. Sharing the strategies that we have developed to protect ourselves, survive, and resist can give our members tools they can use to do the same.